Descrizione azienda

Job Description

Responsible to operate advanced measuring tools. This includes Coordinate Measuring Machines and Visual Measurement Machines.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
-      - Operate a Coordinate Measuring Machine or Visual Measuring Machines for product/gage inspection;
-      - Support manufacturing and inspection by providing direct inspection work as part of production schedule: scanning of 1st and last off moulded parts, creating of report models, ISIRs and capability studies;
-      - Assist in the development and Improvement of Inspection and Calibration procedures;
-      - Participate in external/internal audits as and when required by Quality Manager in laboratory and onsite;
-      - Calibration of mechanical measuring equipment - (Micrometers, Calipers, Gauges, and Comparators etc.);
-      - Maintain the calibration database / certification, filing system and associated files to auditable standards.
Expected Areas of Competence:
-     -  Strong computer skills (Word Excel, Power Point, etc.);
-     -  Good interpersonal relationships skills;
-     -  Able to speak, write, read and understand English;
-      - Team work and customer focus oriented.
Education/Experience Requirements:
-      - Competent in the use of hand-measuring tools such as a digital callipers, micrometres and other inspection equipment;
-     -  With previous experience in metrology using CMM equipment for inspection of parts off the manufacturing line;
- Good understanding and interpretation of engineering drawings.